10 sneaky ways you’re being body-shaming, even though you think body positivity is awesome

1. You’re all for body positivity, as long as it doesn’t make you fat

2. You’re waiting for your diet to end, and then you’ll be body positive

3. You think it’s okay for her to be body positive, she’s thinner than you

4. You think emotional eating is ‘bad’

5. You think your overweight friend should just lose a little — for her health

6. You hope the fat person who just got on the plane isn’t going to sit next to you

7. You look at the fat person at the doctor and think they should care about their health more

8. You don’t want anyone to see what’s in your shopping cart

9. You don’t like to use the word fat

10. You suggest meeting for ‘salad’, not lunch because you think others should be encouraged to eat healthy (if you think they’re a bit too overweight).

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