Big City, Little People

In fact Boston isn’t big at all which is part of the appeal for me. I think the population even in Summer is well under a million which seems tiny compared to the population in the ever expanding, blurred borders of London. Talking of blurred borders, we wake to find that Sterling has dropped to a thirty year low against the US Dollar. If this carries on then London will soon be twinned with Harare and we will be pushing wheelbarrows full of worthless notes to Waitrose to search for the last packet of quinoi or kale or other food previously designated for rabbits and now hijacked by the militant yoga, kumon Mandarin teaching, skinny latte with extra therapy, occupants of London.

Pause for slab of chocolate (sadly not proper Cadburys) and HRT…

Things of course not that bad, I got some dollars out pre Brexit, I’ve sold my house and havent yet bought but looking at things from a distance the timing of everything is not great back in the UK — dribble end of out going Prime Minister, no obvious replacement, opposition parties dissolved like a thigh bone in acid and now Blair has been retrospectively slammed and worse in the Chilcot Enquiry — America obviously not coming out great either. Therefore it seems as though we had a shocking mess in the past, a shocking mess in the present and I can’t see the future as that rosy from where I am. We also seem to have lost our ‘just get on with it’ attitude — I know what will bring the Country together in a warm glowing feeling of unity and pride — a little bit of a war. Oh no, hang on a minute..

Back to Boston and what a fun day we had.

Clemmie and I got the hang of the T or underground system. This was helped, I have to admit, by an extremely ‘hot piece of ass’. Obviously that is Clemmie’s expression and not mine but the sentiment was shared by both of us. In short there was an extremely attractive rastafarian travelling our way with a beautiful face and beautiful manners that asked us if we needed help, gave up his seat etc etc. We knew where we were going and after pretending to be hopelessly lost, disabled, foreign and three hours later we ended up having lunch with Clemmie’s old school friend Ingrid.

I hadn’t seen Ingrid since she was a little girl and now she was taller than me and here for the holidays with her American parents.

We all went to the Museum of Fine Arts. I have yet to be disappointed by an American Art Gallery or Museum and we have clocked a few already but my goodness me they are expensive..

The MFA was huge and really impressive. I wonder if there are any famous paintings anywhere other than here — Monet, Manet, Rembrandt, Sargent, a vast and well curated museum. However we were stopped in our tracks — a painting merely entitled ‘A Man’ by an Artist I cannot remember was to all intents and purposes a portrait of Theo with his expression, his colouring, his hair, his eyes, bone structure etc. It reminded me of the really scary bit in The Shining when at the end the viewer sees the old photo of the Shotover Hotel (or whatever it’s called) and there is Jack Nicholson in the crowd, definitely him but set 60 years ago. Theo was set in the 1800s.

We stayed till closing and then, on a whim, we all climbed aboard the last Duck Tour of the Day. I have done one of these in London and enjoyed it enormously so, damn the expense, we thought we should do it today. Ingrid texted her parents to say she would be late for supper and sent ‘Going on a Dick Tour with Clemmie and her Mother’. Perfect.

It proved to be anything but disappointing. Only half full but with a very engaging host for the hour and a half who drove, gave running commentary and entertained us both on dry land and in the water. Entertainment mainly consisted of ‘Hey you — from London- at the back — tell us about Brexit’ and those sort of searching and non humiliating questions. My seat was in fact right at the back between the rows which was connected to a hidden lever at the front and when pulled, ejected me at high speed into the water. Hilarious all round.

Clemmie took over the driving for a while which caused me to lose the three stone that I have gained in the last week.

It was all good fun and what a beautiful evening out in the water with the sun very low and glinting off the City buildings. We loved it.

Dinner out with Anthony was at a particularly good Brazilian Steak House. An extensive and obviously generous salad bar and then various waiters going round with a whole cow, cooked to perfection and they would slice hunks of melt in the mouth fillet and sirloin etc at your table when you indicated that your body mass had fallen dangerously below chunky. Seriously delicious.

Today we saw in the region of 50–60 dwarves.

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