Santa Monica Beach

I am woken by two phone calls from unknown numbers in the UK at about 4am this morning ` never found out who they were. Breakfast in the hotel was fine but bloody expensive but I am used to things costing so much more here than at home which has probably got something to do with the depressed pound although Sterling slightly up today — hurrah.

The beach itself is huge but not any more restful or even tasteful than you would expect from Brighton or Blackpool at home. Body extremes of the very beautiful and the er…very not — was in evidence.

By midday the beach and the sand was very hot indeed and we were hopping from one foot to another. I can see this place is fun but I am beginning to hanker after a less crowded landscape again.

For once I have a sleep in the afternoon and deal with emails and the usual shit at home.

Dinner is at the hotel I wish I could afford to stay in — Shutters on the Beach. A different crowd — not better just richer and many both European and American looked as though they had stepped straight out of a Ralph Lauren Advert.

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