What is Systemic Design?
Alex Ryan

Hi Alex,

Love and whole-heartedly agree with this:

“Two capacities are especially important for white-water challenges:

  • The ability to discern relationships and make connections;
  • The ability to translate deep insights into action, and to learn rapidly from acting in situ.”

Not so sure about this: “Everything is design.”

I believe in people, but our current government systems are a FAR CRY from being anywhere near believing in people…increased emphasis is required on how to work DESPITE the flawed system… so using your analogy, how to stay afloat in adverse weather conditions: the hierarchy, the exclusiveness, the inequalities and even human rights violations which are all very much alive and kicking.

I’m working on The Border Experience at the moment if you are looking for case examples of systemic design.

Thanks for a good read, look forward to more .


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