Will you marry me?

At the age of 27, I am still not dying to hear those words — “Will you marry me?” Even though the words are very powerful, I don’t need to hear them from anyone, Because I have already heard them from myself. 
Yes, I am married to myself. Such a pure relationship I can gift to myself. Somewhere when I am lost, somewhere when I cannot see what’s my future going to be like, I always said to myself — “I will never leave you no matter what”. Marrying yourself is not always smooth, because it comes from acceptance of oneself, not from others. It means knowing your flaws and accepting them. It means heartening yourself at hard times, since you won’t have anyone there to do so. I am still working on it. The best thing about marrying yourself is that I am more interested in how I feel about me than how he/she feels about me.

I am a total failure at relationships, but somehow sad but true that now I was growing wise to be better for myself. The first promise of this relationship is, chose to fail quickly and learn from it. 
Fail a lot. Fail at love. Fail at sex. Fail at socializing. Fail at making friends. Fail at work. Fail at business. Fail with family. Fail with existing friends.”

The second promise of this relationship is, be yourself, be comfortable in your own skin. No one else can make us happy, because once we put pressure on other human being to validate our happiness, we are trapped. There will be more promises if the progress continues.

No matter you are broken, still single, widow, widower, single mother, single father, divorced, or already married, today ask yourself — “Will you marry me?” And “be your own Bride or Groom” .
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