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Did you ever judge yourself? Hundreds or thousand times? Probably, yes but the especially I want to ask you what the judgment bring your life and how you feel after counting all the details what you lived during the day? I want to talk about a little bit how my days pass and what’s my judgment bridge.

I love the bridges especially as a NewYork lover ;). Also in the town where I live the city has too many bridges. Most of them overpass but they are still the bridge. I started the live six years later where I born. It’s a little bit complicated because I was at Bosnia and the country was near to Europe and I started to like European culture and I little bit missed the culture of Anatolia.

The bridge meets with clouds.

The first year when I went to Bosnia. I quite sure I had the same opposite problems. For example; We always share everything with someone. Anatolian people are too collective even we share our love, food and secure because we believe each other that means warm, happiness and too many things. The European culture was the little bit individualistic and I was stranger. I started to love it during six-year but the important key is catching balance. Whatever, what were we talking about? YEAP, BRIDGE…

Every day, I go to work on the bridge. The same bridge. I passed over every day with different things which I filled in my backpack. Nowadays, I am looking for the balance between Europe and Anatolia, new generation who live in my country. People, people, and people which is my case because of my job( being a psychologist). The total average of all details bring too many life lessons but how I eliminate and protect myself.

Every single day I ask myself while walking on the bridge; what did you learn from life today? I bring the negative things another side of the bridge and I put life lessons in my pockets. Every day, life wakes up to teach something us. I read and believe a quote which created by my mother;

‘Life is a silent teacher.’

The more important things do not stick what you live or what you did today. The important thing is what did you learn from life (your teacher). I believe the person who knows why and what they live so that person has more psychological well-being.

The places, address or material things might be meaningful. I wasn’t stranger ‘‘judgment bridge’’ because we already have in our religion which name is ‘sırat bridge’ also it has the near option for elaborate people according to their work in the World. Did they make good or bad jobs? You can ask good according to whom? GOD? Good is according to the US.

The photo of the day, I had a kind of negative conversation with some of the people. While I came to bridge; I ask myself? The answer deserved yummy pumpkin spice latte. I seem broken but I’m not. I bought my coffee and I put negative things another side of a bridge. They never would come with me because I DECIDED. The life is yours, you decide who walk with you.

to happiness :)