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Today is the most different day than others. It’ll never come back. Are you feel yourself unmotivated, sleepy and little bit depressive so that’s the right address.

Let’s say… you took a decision yesterday. You told tomorrow will really different. I keep up all promise and I will complete my tasks and it will be wonderful.

You can’t able to do anything, you can find yourself in the middle of the depression and you can wait for someone who coming and save your future.

I was the second one. The psychologist also can have depression. During that period I remember one of my speech for middle school students. That was ‘‘GOLDEN REASON= DREAM, DREAM and MOVE TOWARD DREAM!’’

Approximately, there were 25 students in front of me. All of them were looking like shining eyes like your eyes :)… They just wanted to hear something divine. What did I tell? I took the marker and drew the worst art piece in the world but it was meaningful.


I asked them what’s your dream. They had a really crazy imagination because they growing up really poor families but they dreamed of being an animation drawer, police officer, doctor, teacher...

I told you :D


The second question wasn’t the easy one. I asked them also you.. Where are you? Where is your dream? Are you close to them or not? How are they possible?


The important one is what are you dooooing maaan?

As you see, you are close to your dream or not. It is all about possibilities and what you are doing for them. If you walk (hard-work) you meet with them earlier. If you slowly walk you can meet them maybe after years. If you stop they never come true. I like chips. Chips are always in the market but how can eat them without go and buy them. Your dream is always there that’s your distance is that enough to the move? Of course, you can stay, If you don’t them so don’t call them to dream.

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