My mother didn’t throw things away. We hadn’t discovered The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and how you have to throw out things to make space. We simply shifted our detritus around. Putting things away meant nothing to the inhabitants of the house, because we didn’t have a system…

Black women do not need to follow a White supremacist standard to receive God’s love

Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images

“If I get pregnant again, I’m having an abortion!”

My nineteen-year-old sister, who had just given birth, said this in jest to me when I was 11. We didn’t condemn abortion; rather, we talked about it as a matter-of-fact social good, kind of like getting your tonsils taken out. I…

Emma Akpan

I used to be a preacher. Now I’m a data storyteller and create content for tech companies.

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