Redecorate Your Home in London on a Budget

Emma Barker Jones
Oct 29, 2014 · 7 min read

It’s easy to redecorate your home when you have enough funds. Then, the only problem could be lack of imagination or bad taste for details. But even if you are not able to improve the looks of your place by yourself, you can always ask for professional help. A lot of interior designers would gladly take the chance and transform your house or apartment in no time. You can take a look at their portfolios and choose the designer whose projects you like the most.

Bedroom Home Decor: Unknown Designer

However, the purpose of the article is to help people who either don’t have enough resources to deal with an expensive renovation or just don’t want to spend a lot of money. There is a third option, too. If you are so creative and talented that you know how to transform your place and make it look amazing, it’s pointless to waste this opportunity to express yourself!

Without further ado, let’s start with the first creative way to improve the looks of your home without spending a fortune:

Become a Bargain Hunter

Shot from the Bargain Hunt Programme

I’m sure you have watched at least one episode of the famous British television programme Bargain Hunt hosted by Tim Wonnacott since 2003. Every time I watch the participants buy a lucrative item I feel something similar to a small orgasm ☺

As a bargain hunter myself, I’m always more than happy to find an item with underrated price. If you are like me, I bet you wouldn’t miss a deal when you find it! My point is you should take a look at every flea market you know about. Search for high-quality underrated items on every garage sale nearby. Don’t stop looking at eBay for great bargains until you find it! Red Cross charity shops. House auctions. Bargain is everywhere around you when you know how to find it!

You already know where you can find inexpensive furniture, decorations and all kind of interesting items that will help you redecorate your home in London in no time. And most importantly, your pockets won’t be empty at the end of the day!

PRICE: Priceless!

Repaint Your Walls

Chevron Wall With a Twist

Choosing the right colours that match perfectly the rest of the room might be extremely helpful for your entire home. This is something inexpensive that is a must, if you want to redecorate your place on a budget! It’s a very good idea to take a look at specialized magazines for home interior and choose the one colour combination that looks the best and that is compatible with the colour of your flooring and furniture. I’ve chosen light green colour combined with thin white strips for my bedroom because green has been known as the colour that makes you calm. That’s why it’s used in most hospitals. I wanted to be as calm as possible when resting in my little bedroom.

Anyway, you might experiment with colours, patterns and forms in order to transform your ordinary walls into a piece of art. It’s not necessary to be a professional painter or artist to do so. Just use your imagination or search for creative ideas at Pinterest for instance.

Moreover, Fantastic Buildersprofessional painters and decorators in London claim painting your property increases the value of your home or office significantly and dramatically increases the chances of selling it faster.

PRICE: From £12 for 10L

Wood Floor Restoration and Other Interesting Flooring Options

Your flooring is one of the most important things in your home. It’s usually the first thing you and your visitors see when crossing the doorstep of your property. That’s why it’s so crucial to spend special attention to the flooring when redecorating your home in London on a budget!

Decoupaged Hardwood Flooring With Floral Motifs

I will start with the most extravagant flooring technique – decoupage! Basically, decoupaging different surfaces means you choose good looking sheets of paper, cut them in pieces of different size, arrange and glue them down the flooring surface with a special adhesive for decoupage, cover the flooring with layer/s of decoupage lacquer and wait. Wait until the finish is completely dry.

Decoupaged Wooden Staircase

This might take a few days depending on the temperature and humidity in the room where the decoupaging took place. Having such a unique flooring will definitely leave an impression to all your guests and family members! It’s not just a creative idea, but also a very good choice for people who don’t want to spend a fortune while redecorating their home or floor in particular. The technique can also be applied on wooden staircases, too.

PRICE: CHEAP – Depends on the paper you use, the adhesive and the lacquer. Prices may vary dramatically depending on the supplier.

Sanded and Polished Bamboo Flooring

Having an old wood flooring hidden underneath the carpets at your home in London is а jackpot! If you are lucky, professional floor sanding and polishing procedures might transform your wood floor into the brightest accent at your property. The best thing is you won’t spend a lot of money because sanding is much cheaper than installing a new floor. Moreover, having a freshly sanded and finished wood floor at home instantly increases the overall value of your property! So, why don’t you get rid of your nasty carpets and give a second chance to your old hardwood flooring for instance? You can either do it by yourself, if you are familiar with the sanding process or you can call a professional floor sanding company in london.

Source: Great Floor Sanding:

PRICE: Sanding only — from £12 m²

Reclaimed Character Grade Oak Planks: Antique Barn Oak Sourced in France

I know some of you might have wood floors beyond repair and an ordinary sanding won’t help. However, there is one option you have probably never thought about – buy reclaimed timber in London! That’s right! Reclaimed wood material might be much cheaper than the ordinary hardwood. On eBay I’ve just found 6'’ x 2'’ timber for less than £2.5 per metre. There were even cheaper options. It’s truth you will have to restore it by your own and install it, but even then you will save a lot of money. Besides, reclaimed timber flooring might look even better than the more expensive options because it is unique. It can make your entire home look vintage! And one last thing. Not only you will save a lot when choosing the reclaimed timber flooring option, but you will actually save a lot of trees! You can’t do anything about the already cut trees, but upcycling old timber is a very noble deed! Did you know recycling one ton of wood saves 18 000 BTUs of heat energy?

PRICE: From £2 per metre (rough material) to £100+ per metre (antique reclaimed timber)

Grey Laminate Flooring

Laminate is the easiest flooring option to install. You can even do it by yourself since the clicking method is very simple and no glue or nails are needed. There are other benefits of having laminate flooring, too. As opposed to hardwood flooring, you can lay laminate on almost every surface. You can place it with areas with high humidity levels which can’t be said for any other wood flooring type. And the best thing is laminate is very cheap compared to your other flooring options!

Not only laminate floors are a good choice when it comes to pricing, but they can also be very beautiful! Replacing your worn flooring surface with a good-looking laminate will definitely improve the look of your flat or house. It’s amazing how such a cheap and easy change of the flooring surface can make your entire place look and feel different.

PRICE: £5 to £20 m² (depending on the type and size)

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