Outside (the Box)

The problem of homelessness hits close to nature because of the fact that these men and women spend much of their time outside already. Although you could argue that being outside in urban Milwaukee doesn’t mean that you are enjoying nature, I think it still counts as something more than if you were not outside at all.

One way to raise awareness about the problem of homelessness in Milwaukee would be to have Marquette students embody the idea of having “outside” be where you live. While most people like spending time outdoors, I think it really says something when you physically don’t have a home to return to if you get cold, hungry, or tired. Especially as winter approaches and it gets colder outside, it would be interesting to see how students would handle the elements that we can easily forget about when we stay in our toasty dorm rooms.

For example, students could spend a night outside to raise awareness of the lives of people without homes. The force of a cold winter night could be more effective than any presentation or pamphlet. Incorporating the way nature already affects the homeless population could strengthen the way we see it as well.