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The way to stop the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault is to report it to the police.

Harvey Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many, many more people who abuse their position of power in the workplace to satisfy their weak and pitiful egos.

I’m a #MeToo. A man I worked for in 2011–12 was the one of most influential in our industry. He was also a man who took advantage of his situation. He would pick and prey on girls just starting off in their careers. …

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The required qualities to be considered for the “Wife of a Chef” awards

Just when you think women are starting to be taken seriously in the workplace, the equivalent of a nuclear torpedo hits your computer screen.

On the 8th March 2017, in France, there will be a prize-giving ceremony for the best “Femme de Chef de l’Année” which translates as “Chef’s Wife of the Year.”

Let me rephrase that: a trophy will be awarded to a woman in acknowledgement of her capacity to assist and serve her husband. In 2017.

The photo above is the feature image for this Award. The qualities they organisers are looking for are (L-R): give, love, bring, pacify, comfort, accompany, reassure, support, guide, share and serve. …

I catch a glimpse in the mirror.

I see the mark of the hand of a man who had no right to touch me.

It’s a distinctly uneasy feeling. How dare he lay a hand on me?

The people we meet in life often leave emotional marks; these remain on the inside. That someone I didn’t know was able to disfigure me in a way that is visible to the entire world is new and disconcerting.

It was an opportunistic robbery. He saw me say goodbye to my friends before getting into his taxi. He may have noticed that we were all a little drunk. …


Emma Bentley

A girl who eats and drinks for a living. Feed me, wine me or give me a kitchen to play around in and I couldn't be happier.

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