This week, published a short video where I gave “5 Tips For Junior Developers | How To Break Into The Industry.” One of the first comments that appeared said “‘How to break into the industry’ should be about how to get that job at IBM, and not what you did after you got it. Or am I missing something?”

Before I jump in, I quickly want to state that I will be discussing money in this post but please do not interpret this as bragging. My goal of sharing this information is not to brag but to make my finances and process more transparent with the hopes of enabling you to get out there and earn some extra cash.

Additionally for a first-time self-published launch I recognize that my situation is a bit of an outlier. I attribute this to having a large Twitter following (101,000 followers) and as such having a group to market to. It may take…

Recently I’ve been testing out some new productivity tools and applications to help me stay focused. I struggle to focus on tasks and am always looking for new tools, tricks, and tips.

Below are some of the applications and tools I’ve recently discovered. I haven’t tried all of them (so do your research before buying), but these instantly intrigued me.

I published a blog previously which discussed a few tools I do use day-to-day to keep on track. You can check out that post here.

Do you use any of these applications? Let me know.

Disclaimer: this post is not…

All of my illustrations come from UnDraw. Thank you for your work!

I pulled myself out of the Google hiring process after passing the technical interview process. I know what you’re thinking: “Are you crazy?! Who pulls out of the Google interview process?”

This blog post will discuss my history with interviewing at Google as well as tips for passing your technical interview process (at any company).

Google is notorious for having difficult technical interviews, and is a highly coveted company to work for, which is why I chose to highlight it in this blog post. That being said, there…

“How do you get so much done?” This is a question I receive several times a week. And up until today my answer was always the same: “I’m struggling to keep my head above water.”

I have an absurd amount of commitments. Here are just a few of the things I’m actively engaged in:

Part II: Design Language

In part one we took a look at the foundations of Design Systems. If you haven’t read that yet, I suggest you check it out!

In this post we’ll delve into the foundation of a design system: design language.

A Design Language is a shared vocabulary for design.


What Is A Design Language?

A design language is the set of standards which guide the creation of a suite of products underneath a brand. I like to think of a design language as the personality of a brand or product and its corresponding visual design assets.

A design language is comprised of three facets:

Part I: Foundations

Building blocks
Building blocks

The web was built as a set of interconnected pages, and blossomed from how content was historically consumed: through books. Since books format content in a series of pages, it was only natural for web pages to leverage the familiar paradigm. Thus, web pages were born.

Other technology terminology stems from printed books: bookmarks and pagination are two such examples. And while the traditional concept of web pages worked for decades, we’ve quickly realized that this paradigm is no longer viable for building sustainable web applications.

Many companies are in the throes of a paradigm shift towards more modular web…

This blog is in no way mean to brag or place value on the number of social media followers you have. It’s to openly address the unspoken negatives that accompany this type of growth.

In the past 8 months, I’ve gained about 42,000 Twitter followers. I wouldn’t consider myself Internet famous, but I have had substantial growth in a short amount of time. (If you’d like to see a breakdown of my analytics, check out my previous blog post).

It’s always the dream to become Internet famous; there are so many benefits! You get invited to attend conferences and events…

This post is in no way meant to brag; it’s meant to provide insight into quick social media growth.

In the last eight months, I’ve gained about 42,000 followers, and people always ask me how I did it. So I’m here to break down the things I did which ultimately gained me a following (specifically on Twitter).

Let’s start with some analytics and break down followers gained and top tweets.

September 2018

This was the first month I gained a lot of followers. I attribute this to my top tweet of the month getting liked or retweeted by someone with a following.

Emma Bostian

Software Engineer @ LogMeIn by day, cat Mom by night. Also a full-time Bibliophile. I enjoy all things Front-end & Design

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