Money Saving, Budget Friendly Travel Tips

We often tend to believe that holidays are an expensive affair, but this is not true until we intentionally spend lavishly on our trips. In fact there are many such options available that let us explore the world without putting any burden on our pocket. There is just need to make sure that we know about them and using all those resources wisely.

Today, I will let you know about such budget friendly options that will allow you to explore the world in low cost.

But, before that it is also important to tell you that if you are going for a budget travel without doing all the pre-bookings, make sure to carry all the essentials right, including your comfortable walking shoes and clothes. Because, budget travel and that too without pre-bookings somehow increases the probability of getting into any unplanned or unwanted situation. So, prepare yourself and go through the options that will let you travel the world on budget.

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If you visit somewhere, accommodation eats up a major chunk of your budget, here come the Airbnb, the savior. It offers almost every option of accommodation including apartments, homestays, hostels, lodges, and hotel rooms. It lets the host to decide the preferred price and shows the best accommodation options accordingly. Airbnb has something for all, so it proves to be a great option for saving big on accommodation.

Get Special Students’ Discount


If you are a student, take full advantage of discounts offered by different websites. They offer discount on almost everything such as flights, commuting, accommodation and city tours etc. Students can save up to 50% of total cost of their traveling expense by availing these discounts.

Travel Off-Season


Your spending can reduce up to a whopping 50% or even more if you travel the same place in off-season. Other advantages of traveling in off-season would be less crowd, less lines for ticket, cheap hotel rooms, and more locals than tourists. So, check that at what time of the year least number of tourists visit to that place.

Go for Shared Cabs or Uber


In most of the tourist destinations, cab drivers generally charge higher amount from tourists than locals. To avoid that extra payment, opt for shared cabs. Or, choosing Uber over local cabs is also a good idea because they are going to charge as per their standard charges.

Travel in Group


Group traveling is also a great option for travelers who are looking for money saving options. Travel websites keep on introducing group travel offers from time to time, and anyone who is interested can register with them for a budget travel.

Choose your Hotel Location Wisely


Along with money also make the most of your time because you have both these things limited. Select a hotel in the heart or middle of the city, so that you can easily walk to the major attractions of that place. Choosing a hotel on the outskirts of that place may be more peaceful, but commuting can eat up a lot of your time and money.

Look out for Hostels


Hostels are always a cheaper option than hotels. They may not be that luxurious, but they are good at comfort and pocket-friendly. Some hostels also offer the food in budget. Overall, a great option for those who are looking for money saving options.

Check your Shopping Destinations

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The best way to know about the cheap place for shopping is by asking to the locals. Fancy shopping destinations could be great, but they can create a hole in your pocket, whereas local markets can offer the same quality in lesser price.

Buy Maps and City Guide


Buying maps and city guide will let you know about those good local destinations that can serve you better in less amount, because being a total stranger in a new place can make you spend more even on worthless objects. You can easily get a local mobile app for that place as a city guide.

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It is for sure that if you go for the right options, financial issues will never come in the way of your passion for travel. The only thing required is the right planning and resources. So, make the most of every point that are mentioned above. But, as I always say, keep traveling and learning from your own experiences.