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What happens in the exact moment the tide turns?

When receding waves reverse to surge upon the shore?

When power shifts?

When the opinions of the masses evolve?

When Newscorp suddenly discovers the climate crisis?

When politicians publicly acknowledge

for the very first time

how cruelly we treat our refugees?

It is not an accident.

The winds of change are not haphazard.

They take many long years of fanning,

spreading the news,

talking to brick walls,

falling on deaf ears,

pulling heads from the sand,

but what happens in that moment?

How do facts reform to renew the truth?

How does reality reconcile itself with its liquid nature?

Do our fluid minds ebb and flow with the moon?

When do we cling to something solid?

We move slowly, we move in circles,

we inch forward.

We hope it’s not too late.