Dear IAFA Members,

After some serious consideration I have decided to resign my role as an IAFA Board Member. The ethos of the leadership of the organisation does not align with the personal and professional standards I hold myself accountable to and I can no longer endorse the path being taken.

I would like to extend my apologies to those clubs and members who gave me a mandate to grow the sport and the organisation for a three year term. In my speech at the 2016 AGM I promised I would engage in open and transparent communication and act with integrity at all times. Over the last 9 months it has become clear that these standards are impossible for me to maintain while working in this organisation and they are not what the leadership of the organisation value. I have therefore made the decision to step away from the role.

I informed the Board of my decision early last week and asked that they inform the membership by close of business Friday 16th of June. I have addressed the membership within my letter of resignation and have informed the remaining Board Members that I do not consider the contents confidential. Therefore if you wish to see it please contact them directly.

In the future you can email for general questions and if you need to speak to a Board Member I recommend contacting Brian Cleary ( The remaining 2 years of my term will be available to any member that wishes to put themselves forward in advance of the 2017 AGM. The form you need to complete is in Appendix 2 of the By-Laws.

I am truly sorry I couldn’t put my experience in the health and sport sector to work for you at an organisational level. If in the future the membership thought I could make a positive contribution to the leadership of the organisation I would be happy to do so provided the current circumstances have improved. In the mean time I am happy to help any club or individual who wishes to improve their performance.

Yours in sport,


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