Travelling with Emma: Paris Days 1–2

Greetings loyal subjects! I know I haven’t posted on here in like 2 months, but hey, I have a life. I’ve decided to write my comeback post about that time I went to Paris!

Day 1

After a long day of travelling, my travel buddy, Jasmine, and I finally made it to the “City of Lights”. As soon as we stepped off the astronomically over priced Eurostar train, we were treated with the sights and sounds of taxi drivers screaming at people. A lady came up to us multiple times and “asked” us if we needed a taxi. After about 45 stern “no’s” the lady was on her way and we were free to find our hostel.

As Jasmine and I left the Garde du Nord station, we witnessed the “true Paris”: Beautiful old buildings with petite balconies, endless windows and glowing signs reading “SEX NOW” or “Video Sexy Shop” (see picture). It was an interesting sight to behold, and definitely left me a little uneasy about my stay.

After checking in, Jasmine and I desperately needed to find something to eat. We decided to play it safe and found a restaurant called “The Buffalo Grill”, which seemed really American (we weren’t about to speak French quite yet). We were served by the most Parisian waiter I’ve ever seen, who hardly spoke English, and the irony started to settle in. In the midst of cowboys, American flags and blatantly racist Native American statues, I ate a hamburger and wondered what this trip would behold. After clumsily ordering some French pastries from a bakery, Jasmine and I headed to bed to prepare for the day ahead.

Day 2: The day my feet were on fire

Notre Dame

On the second day, Jasmine and I were determined not to look like tourists so naturally, we bought a two day pass on a Paris tourist bus. It was actually a great purchase, so don’t judge. We started off the day by walking about 8 miles to the bus stop and screaming “Paris Baby!” whenever we remembered we were in Paris. Our first stop was to Notre Dame, in which we literally just walked in. No line. LITERALLY NO LINE. I was shook, but I got over it when I stepped inside. I think most people go to Notre Dame because they saw the Disney movie about Quasimodo, but it’s actually a gorgeous church. There isn’t really much to say except I felt peaceful and full when I was in this church, and the stain-glass windows were breathtaking. Jasmine and I then took disgustingly touristy photos outside and moved on to our second destination.

Musée d’Orsay

Our next stop was to the Musée d’Orsay, which is home to the most impressionist and post-impressionist paintings in the world, so naturally I was a little overexcited. After waiting in the line for 8 years and getting in for free (what?!!) we entered the great hall of the museum. This museum was a little confusing, but generally okay to navigate (I’m only mentioning this because finding things in the Louvre was a living Hell). After gawking at the paintings I studied in art history classes, I desperately searched for the one painting I was DYING to see: Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (The Luncheon on the Grass) by Édouard Manet. Not only is this painting beautiful, the woman in the centre of the painting is in no way apologetic of her nakedness, which is wonderfully empowering. Blair stood in front of this in an episode of Gossip Girl, so I obviously had to do the same

There were quite a few people in front of this painting, so I had to knock a few of them down to get this shot (with the help of my own personal photographer, Jasmine). I was truly mesmerized by this painting and I want it in my living room. After spending my life’s savings in the gift shop, Jasmine and I headed for stop number 3.

The Eiffel Tower

On our way to the Eiffel Tower, we saw at least 10 tourist sites, like the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées, without having to actually go to them. It was lazy and awesome. For anyone who has never been to the Eiffel Tower, I will quickly describe it: It is a large tower.

After getting pictures with the most famous landmark in France (I mean, if you went to France and didn’t see the Eiffel Tower, did you really go?) we attempted to find a French restaurant to eat in. This proved to be harder than expected, because Jasmine and I literally cannot find anything on a map. Irony alert!! We ended up eating at an Italian restaurant. I ordered something absolutely delicious that I can’t remember the name of, and was happy. We then headed back to the hostel and I FaceTimed my Mom, who warned me about “Roaming Criminals” (WTF). After an interesting conversation, I passed out in our extremely hot hostel room, my feet burning from walking, ready for the next day.

Part 2 coming soon!!

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