Travelling with Emma: York, United Kingdom

How are places like this even real??!!

A first of many travel posts my friends! This one is coming at you from York, the city I wish I lived in. York is honestly one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been. It’s a walled city full of tourists, and for some reason, I liked that. Here are just some of the attractions I visited there:

York Minster

I wasn’t really expecting much when I walked into this church (lol I have no idea why). BUT WOW. This place is huge, ornate, gorgeous, and really, really, REALLY old. There’s a literal Roman fortress underneath it. Also, there were quite a few marble statues of sassy bishops lounging. I loved it.

Sassy religious man

The Shambles

Lol this street is my spirt animal, name and all. It’s really neat though, like a real life Diagon Alley. The buildings all have an overhang, which makes them look wonky (you’re drunk buildings, go home!). Apparently they’re like this because people used to throw their pee and poop from the windows, and the overhang kept them dry. GOOD.

Clifford’s Tower

“Look Mom, England’s best attraction: a bench!” -A kid at Clifford’s Tower

This place was legit lit, and is probably the best tobogganing hill in England. It took about 100 steps to get up to the main part, but I made it. It was an amazing ruin of a fortress and had a cool dungeon underneath. However, the stairs to get up to the lookout were THE WORST. They were all 1000 year old, and winding to the point of death. I fell down them like 5 times, but I did it. Suck it Clifford.

The most lit tobogganing hill ever

Random owls in a park

I was waiting in line for ice cream like a normal person, but then I heard the screech of an owl. I literally pushed a child down to get to my favourite regal creatures. Fortunately everyone was afraid to hold them, so I got them all to myself. I picked “Magnum” to hold; a 5 year old Eastern Screech owl. She was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I am forever *internally screaming*.

I literally stopped breathing for a solid 8 years


I saw this fish & chips place named “Drakes”. Honestly, I just can’t get away from that guy.

“Dropped outta school, now we selling fish”
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