A voiceover’s work tells the story of any form of major change — economic, cultural, social. We get to voice scripts that reflect what’s happening locally, nationally and globally. The spectrum of our work chronicles unfolding events, often starkly.

If there’s a recession, advertising dries up and suddenly we’re recording projects about debt management, marriage breakup and mental health awareness. During an economic downturn, there are no ads about new housing developments.

If the country is involved in a global sporting event — as we were in the London Olympics of 2012 — we’re voicing jubilant, celebratory ads full of…

My son has always danced. My God, he danced in the womb. (This is true; when I was pregnant the doctors couldn’t understand why I was losing so much weight. When they put my baby on a trace, they saw just how active he was. In 30 minutes he rested for just 18 seconds. The obstetrician said “If this baby doesn’t grow up to be a dancer, I’ll hang up my white coat.”) All his moves — even from being a very small child — have been balletic. He’s not shown much interest in street dance or modern or tap…

It was a dark, wet January evening. I was swapping exciting plant-based recipes with a friend.

I received a notification on my phone. It was an Instagram message from my daughter. She was in the room next to me but as anyone who has teenage children knows, sometimes communicating via social media is more efficient that attempting an actual conversation.

“Mum! Mum! Look at this! Look at this!”

I didn’t respond immediately. I was still sharing advice on how to create the optimum Quinoa Tofu Surprise.

Within seconds my daughter burst into my room. She was breathless.


Emma Clarke

Writes and speaks words for money. Also composes music. Professional starship.

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