Ladies: We Are Not Entitled to Our Image of Perfection

Alright, ladies.

Optimally, we would all accept and celebrate our own brands of beauty and never allow our perception of another woman’s “perfection” to make us feel insecure about ourselves. But while we’re still working on that, can we agree that none of us are entitled to what we see as “perfection,” and, consequently, there are no grounds on which we should treat other women — behind their backs or otherwise — with contempt?

I understand that it’s human nature (and especially woman nature) to sort ourselves into some sort of hierarchy with one glance, but every single one of us is a fucking bundle of cosmos, and not one of us has any right to potentially misalign the energy surrounding another woman, just because her hair is shinier than ours, or her waist thinner, or her eyelashes longer.

And I know a lot of women might think to themselves, “well if it wasn’t for those patriarchal overlords who set in motion a society that presses impossible standards into the thighs and souls of women everywhere…” and I get it. There’s truth to that.

But have some god. damn. accountability.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could begin to tip the scales that have so long tortured tender female hearts by simply recognizing jealousy when it happens — say it out loud, if we need to — to her face, if that would help — and stop hiding behind false ego and catty remarks? If we can’t bring ourselves to celebrate our beings, and those of other women, let’s at least start with recognizing our feelings as they are, and not allowing them to process and manifest in a way that will harm others.

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