It’s on the syllabus (or the blog), so don’t ask.

I’ve always wanted to tell someone who asks me — just a little too enthusiastically — “so tell me about yourself!!” to go read my blog. I imagine answering this concisely and efficiently brings a tremendous sense of satisfaction. Or a feeling of being an ass. Same thing right? The same feeling — I’m willing to put money on this— that courses through the veins of every arrogant professor that replies to every student’s question ever in the history of their career in academia — complete with that dreaded monotone delivery — “it’s on the syllabus.” I want to take this time to issue a blanket apology to all professors that are decent human beings. I am well aware that not every one of you are evil, it’s just more fun to paint you that way. Woops.

Everything you need to know will be right here: on my blog. That one where I record all of my deep thoughts, comment on the ironies of our society, etc that people take precious time out of their already busting-at-the-seams days to not just read but devour. Wow — that does feel good.

Anyways, now that I’ve gotten stroking my ego out of the way (well for the most part) it’s time to actually say something of import. But first, this very deep thought: isn’t having a personal blog just a perpetual avenue through which to get in a whole bunch of ego stroking you wouldn’t normally be afforded, because no one in their right mind would listen to every little thing a one person has to say? Like come on, we all have our own lives to live and then Instagram about.

Well I digress, but I pledge to you, reader, that I use (and maybe abuse) this blog to write about whatever I deem deserves it. So, literally anything. Or nothing (exhibit A: this entire post). So if any of the topics that I never mentioned peak your interest, stay tuned, because I may or may not write about it.

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