We know more about laser hair removal than anyone else on the market: Kira Dolgova told how she was able to create the largest network of studios in Russia

Emma Davis
4 min readJul 12


The Victoria’s Secret shows remain one of the highlights of the year, and the incredibly smooth skin of the models invariably catches the eye.

In the glossy media, “angels” admit that this is the merit of laser hair removal. Until recently, it was considered an unpredictable and not accessible procedure for everyone. Everything changed after Kira Dolgova, an entrepreneur, founder and owner of the federal network LaserLove, who puts the interests of clients at the forefront, took up the job.

Owner of the federal network of laser hair removal studios LaserLove admits that the business is based on personal vivid positive impressions — she used the laser hair removal service, was impressed with the result, and decided to create her own studio. Within a few years the network became the largest in Russia. However, this is not the only thing that makes her a leader.

It’s all about the smallest details that add up to the overall result. For example, insights are carefully collected and used immediately. So already at the start, a children’s corner appeared in the studios, since Kira herself ran the business in the literal sense of the word with her daughter in her arms. Now all mothers who come to LaserLove can completely relax and not worry about their children’s leisure time. As well as about the result — all masters have many times proven expertise.

“We are selling franchises not just in the beauty business, but education business. Our franchisees after working with us become successful in other areas. The most important capital is knowledge, and we have an impressive amount of it. Our training system was formed exclusively through continuous practice. We are changing the approach to business, the way of thinking” says Kira Dolgova.

Now LaserLove sets trends in the market. In our company everyone knows about laser hair removal, even the slightest nuances are taken into account. The salons also provide aesthetic cosmetology and LPG massage services. By coming here, the client can take care of himself in a comprehensive manner, which is extremely convenient in a modern, dynamic world. It’s hard to believe, but such a sincere and environmentally friendly approach was born thanks to very difficult tests.

“I am one of those people who chose business because it is an interesting path, every day you face certain difficulties. By solving them, you get a reward. My business was hardened by the problems we solved every day — anonymous complaints from competitors, two waves of the pandemic, raider takeover attempts. Therefore, now we are adapted to everything and quickly respond to any situation. For example, since 2022 it has become harder to purchase certain consumables, the delivery time for equipment and furniture has lengthened. But we took this into account, so customers do not experience any inconvenience. The comfort of our guests is above all for us,” notes Kira Dolgova, founder and owner of the largest federal network of laser hair removal studios in Russia.

Almost 1 million women across Russia have already gained smooth skin in LaserLove. Thanks to the approach of Kira Dolgova, laser hair removal has become more affordable. Now it is the safest and most convenient way to get rid of unwanted hairs. And also profitable — instead of buying razors, anti-irritation cream or slowing down hair growth, preparing for sugaring, it is better to postpone the cost of several sessions, and then visit one of the LaserLove salons once a year to maintain the effect.

“We use diode devices, the result after them lasts as long as possible. This also confirms our experience — in five years we have tried a lot of lasers, as the unspoken motto of the network is: “Customer focus and efficiency.” We work for the good and with love for the guests, therefore we are always interested in the best result,” says Kira Dolgova.

The experience of the entrepreneurial team allowed hundreds of partners to develop. But most importantly, it makes good laser hair removal available to the public. So, it improves the quality of life for women in Russia. This is how the beauty business should be — business for people and taking care of them.



Emma Davis

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