On Tuesday, HBO MAX announced it was temporarily removing Gone With The Wind from its online movie library, pending a period of reflection and agreement on the wording of an advisory statement which addresses the film’s depictions of slavery.

As a result, I’ve spent some time reflecting on my own relationship with this iconic — but deeply problematic — story.

When I was a teenager, Gone With The Wind was my favourite book-movie combination, thanks in main to the arrival of the Mississippi summer exchange students who set Warwickshire hearts a-fluttering with their Deep South drawls and enviable Abercrombie &…

The Writing’s in the Sand

Toddler perched atop my knee as I sung my ninth round of ‘Humpty Trumpty’, I stared out to sea — feeling a little powerless and a lot furious.

Because five miles away, in a straight line-of-sight from the Isle of Wight, sat the Queen, much of UK’s parliament, 300 World War II veterans, and 15 world leaders commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Among them, Trump.

That Trump is even here on a state visit in the first place is a matter of stomach-churning anger for so many of us. That today he partook in an event whose sole purpose…

When news of Harry and Meghan’s arrival broke, I squealed — my default and involuntary response to any Baby Has Been Born announcement, whether it’s to the nice couple down the street or the sixth in line to the throne.

WhatsApp group chats jumped into life, I phoned my mum to share the happy news, and — along with the rest of the world’s media — I found myself speculating and theorising on every detail of this new little human. Did the Duchess of Sussex have a home birth, as reportedly planned, or did she transfer under the cover of…

As a new writer, Brexit is tainting all my ideas

I recently secured my first byline.

Writing for online feminism magazine LiisBeth, I boldly announced my exit from the anonymous world of content writing, setting out my intentions for a freelance future in which I was both seen and heard. I suppose you might even say that I was ‘taking back control’.

But, free of the shackles that shuffled me from one dictated brief to another, I now find myself bound by an altogether different kind of creative paralysis.

And yes, I’m blaming Brexit.

Because faced with a blank screen and a clear schedule (once the stuff of dreams), I’m…

Emma Elobeid

Thinker of thoughts, writer of words, mother of boys. I live on an island (make of that what you will). www.emmaelobeid.com

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