8 Christmas Gifts That Say: I Didn’t Know Things With You and My Brother Were That Serious

Also, not sure if you’re Jewish?

Emma Webster
Dec 11, 2019 · 2 min read
Photo by Thanakorn Phanthura from Pexels

Awkward! It turns out things with your brother and his new girlfriend are serious enough that she’s coming home with him for Christmas! It would be rude not to get her at least one gift, but what? Does she like clothes, books, music? Does she even celebrate Christmas? You don’t know because you literally have never met her.

With this handy holiday gift guide for people you didn’t know existed until yesterday, you’ll have the perfect gift in no time!

1. An extra scrunchy you found under your bed. Wrap it up and it’ll look brand new.

2. The saltshaker from your kitchen. Don’t worry; she’s never been to your house, so she won’t notice it’s missing.

3. A box of granola bars.

4. An empty box. If it’s good enough for your cat, it’ll be good enough for her.

5. The rest of your lotion. If you put it in a smaller container, it will appear unused.

6. A couple thumbtacks. Let’s face it — everyone needs them. But don’t give her too many, cause you need them too.

7. The rest of your Starbucks gift card. If nothing else, it should take care of the sales tax.

8. Whatever your brother got her. Find it, steal it, wrap it; let him figure out the rest.

Emma Webster

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Writer living in Oakland, CA. Likes; good books, bad books, pad thai, good boys, bad boys, and hiking. emma-e-webster.com.

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