In the following articles I would like to let you understand my motivation and aspirations founding

I am deeply impressed and inspired by transformative technological leaps and with this inspiration I created reaching out to close friends of mine who share a similar vision to join me in bringing this to reality. is an artificial intelligence and augmented reality Nigerian start up, here we are designing and building the future of personalized fashion.

With augmented reality and machine learning( convolutional neural networks) we enable users view how different hairstyles, clothings, shoes, eye wears and head wears would look on them before they purchase these items.

Also with artificial intelligence we will suggest outfits and accessories that would fit our user’s style.

In doing this we’ll be saving lots of people their time and money, and we’ll be giving them a magical experience.

Hair Swap

Our first product is a Social Network, Hair Swap,accessed through our mobile app that where users try out hairstyles on other people; you simply browse through our hairstyle feed( which is sort of like a news feed but now people upload their hairstyles by taking a clear picture of their face), select a desired hairstyle, you will then be prompted to take a selfie and instantly you see yourself with the new hairstyle.


Also we are building an artificial intelligent hairstylist Drea, which will come with our mobile app. You will be able to ask her really cool questions like “what hairstyle will fit me best?”. Or “how do I look with this hairstyle?”.

Drea will recommend hair care products such as shampoos, oils and conditioners. She will also diagnose and recommend treatments for your hair related problems.

This will come with extensions to an i-pad & smart Tv to be used in hair salons. So you can try out hairstyles you would like to make before you actually make them. That way you’d already know how well it looks on you.

This is the future we are creating and it keeps us awake at night.

Emmanuel Ezenwere,

Founder & CEO