My Eyes

Goosebumps blanketed my legs.

Quit swelling, useless eyes.

The coldness kissed me, adieu!

Are we monsters of the men?

Should we contort our words?

Refusing to care, they only know to fall flat. Left disguises as right, right flips upside down.

Where’s the truth? Where’s the serenity?

Memories slap my face,

Dragging me,

Pulling me,

Cutting me.

My back hurts from sitting,

Do you think this chair is stable?

The chair sits with my sanity.

Great, now the future is a fucking black hole.

Great, look what you did.

Do you know how it feels?

Do you know how it feels?

You’ve dragged my hair,

My knees only will bleed,

My stomach does nothing but churn.

Sleep’s my old joke, the tasteless legend.

Gold crumbles to shit dirt.

Why did you do that?

Do you know how it feels?

Go find another love,

Go break another love,

But stay also, stay with me.

Hold my frail hands.

Kiss my red eyes.

Don’t float away, ever.

Or run fast, run now.

Run until your feet fall off,

Run until my heart has stopped bleeding.

Run until I’m okay, run forever.

Every time I see you in the world I remember passion.

Every time you crush my world

Hell remembers me. ‘

Does this conversation deserve warmth?

While lips are only cold, pretty words can bear the pain.

Youth creates our desperation.

Don’t even let it fade away.

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