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There is a variety of different food to get for lunch. But when you are starving after having class you want to look for the closest place possible. After the first week I had found the go to spots for some delicious food. On Tuesday I had my first trip to the Taco truck. I had heard so many mixed reviews from all my friends so I thought I would try it out. I got 2 of the chicken tacos and added the guacamole and salsa. I was a little scared to have my first bite because it was so cheap and I didn’t know if it was going to be safe. I had my first bite and my taste buds raged with joy. It was so delicious and I knew I would be coming back more often to get a cheap lunch. They had many different condiments you could add but I believe most of them were spicy. They also had pork tacos but I wasn’t daring enough to try those. I didn’t want to get sick from it so I avoided it.

Another lunch that I had very often was lunch at the hotel. It was quick, easy and inexpensive. They also had many different options that were all delicious. MY personal favorite thing to get was the hot dogs. It came with 2 hot dogs and a side of fries. The hot dogs were wrapped in bacon with tomatoes and onions on top. Some days I would split them with a friend but if I was hungrier I could eat both of them. I also had the chicken sandwich was also very yummy and filling. They also had great guacamole and cheese sticks that you could easily share before your meal. The hotel was an easy place to eat and the highest price for lunch items was 100 pesos. The food also came really quickly and you could get to go if you wanted to eat in bed.

Carls Jr is also very handy to the hotel and a cheap way for some greasy food. I only went there once but I enjoyed it a lot. If you are starving Carls Jr is the place to go. They do have some locations in Toronto but I have never tried it in to Toronto. After going to the Cozumel location the one thing I learned is that there potions are huge and that if you are hungry this is the place to go. When I went there I ordered a Star burger combo with medium drink and medium fries. This was one of their smallest burger but was still so filling. All the boys got the thick burger and I have no idea how they finished it. I was stuffed after my burger but I really enjoyed it. It was perfectly cooked and the cheese was nicely melted. The fries also were great they had the perfect amount of salt which is difficult to find. Usually places drench them with salt to the point that it is gross or there is no salt so it’s too plain. Overall I highly recommend Carls Jr. It was a very large, modern restaurant with 2 floors. It also had extremely speedy Wi-Fi,

One of the best things for food is to order Pizza. You can eat your lunch in the comfort of your hotel room. This is the lazy thing to do so you don’t even have to be seated or anything. There are 2 places that you could order from in Cozumel and they are Dominos and Pizza Hut. I only ever dominos because Pizza hut doesn’t deliver before 2pm on certain days. Ordering pizza was very simple and it only took 30 minutes to arrive. While waiting you could just do some homework or if you were extra lazy you could wait in your room for the hotel to call you. It was also very cheap and if you split with 1 person you could get 4 pieces each. I really enjoyed the pizza. I don’t order pizza very often in Toronto but this pizza was way better than the pizza in Toronto. It was very cheesy and each bite got even better and better.

Also one day we explored the neighborhood and looked at the shops and restaurants nearby. We decided to go to a place called Paprikas. I ordered the cheese quesadilla and I enjoyed it. It came with 3 quesadillas some guacamole, bean dip and chips. It was very good but it was a little overpriced for what you got. Other than that the restaurant was nice and had fast Wi-Fi and nice music playing. We also stopped by Paprikas one day when we were reading King Lear as a class. We read the book out loud and some people ordered some breakfast foods. It looked like they had a good breakfast menu because the things that everyone ordered looked delicious. It was a very nice place overall but was definitely dedicated for tourist because of the higher prices.

The last place that could be a quick lunch place would be Oxxo. Oxxo has anything anybody would ever want. There are so many choices of snack foods but they also sell sandwiches and hot dogs. I wold normally go to Oxxo to get snacks for at night. I would normally buy some type of chip and a drink. They had similar brands to Toronto such as Lays and Doritos butut also have a lot of different brands but with similar kinds of food. They have a variety of coffee and candies. Oxxo is like any convenience store in Toronto but in Mexico it’s a chain convenience un like in Toronto they are all owned separately.

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