Goodbye Cozumel


This trip was an amazing experience. I did so many interesting things that I have never done before. I experienced so many interesting things like the marine life, the beaches and Chichenitza. I got to meet so many new people and I have so many new friends that I can hang out with in the city.

I got too experience the different culture from what I’m used to. The locals were so generous and it was nice to have short conversations with them. Looking back on the trip I had the most amazing experience. I learned so much about their culture and what happens in daily life here. I got to see how different it is then Toronto and how much tourism takes place here.

My favorite part was how beautiful it is. There is so many amazing scenery and beautiful beaches. The places I went to and I got to see were amazing. The memories I made and bonds with people are so strong. This trip is going to be the highlight of my summer. I made so many memories and got to experience Cozumel.

I am so glad that I took this trip. I learned so much about English and about Mexico in general. I learned my strengths and weaknesses and how to work under pressure. I also learned how to blance work and play. I learned so much about myself on this trip but I also learned about Cozumels rich culture. I am always going to remember this trip as a great experience.

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