Nightlife in Cozumel


There are so many things to do at night. Cozumel’s downtown is so different from Toronto but there is many places to go at night and hang out with friends. One cool place is Margaritaville. They have a gift shop and it is a very cool store with a great atmosphere. We went there once and loved it. They also had a daycare for kids if you needed that.

A classic place that everyone always goes in Mexico is Senor frogs. It is always full with tourist because it is very popular and well known. We went to senor frogs a couple of times to see what it was like. They had a nice dance floor so it was fun to dance there. I was surprised that they were always playing american music. When I came to mexico I expected all the bars and restaurants to play Spanish music but they just play all the mainstream music that plays in the Radio. I was a little upset by that because I wanted to hear the Spanish music so I could learn about there culture. Senor frogs did have some good snacks food and some good virgin drinks.

Whenever I did not feel like going out the perfect place to go would be the pool. The pool is a fun place to hang out with everyone on the trip and to just cool down. The pool has so many chairs to sit on and chill with. Its a great area to talk with friends and hangout. One time we even read Shakespeare by the pool and it was very nice and relaxing. However the pool is very dirty and you see dead bugs in it all the time.

The Hard Rock Café is an excellent place to go to get food. It isn’t too expensive and there’s is so much choice. There are hard rocks all over the world and it is so cool to see how different it is. I got a burger one night and a milkshake and I enjoyed it greatly. They have 2 different locations in Cozumel. 1 that is walking distance from our hotel and one that is downtown.

Another thing to do is to just stay in. Multiple times I had a lot of work to do so I would just stay in. I would go to Oxxo to get some coffee and some snacks. Then I would be productive for a little bit and decide to watch movies on the Hbo channel The HBO had many good movies in English that I had watched before and movies that I enjoyed. Sometimes you don’t always want to go out and having a movie night with meg is super fun.

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