Salsa Dancing


It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and there was not a cloud to be found in the sky. After class I decided to go to the ocean to soak up the sun. It was one of those days that I jumped in the water so many times. Me, Megan, Meredith, Meaghan and Angelina all had towels laying out and were just talking about our trips and about stuff at home. I bathed myself in sunscreen because I did not want to get burnt like I had after snorkeling. We had music playing in the background and were just chilling enjoying life.

Later on in the night there was going to be salsa dancing. I have never salsa danced before so I was excited to learn how. This is a good way to immerse myself in the culture because salsa dancing is a big thing In Mexico. I was excited but also nervous to learn because I was scared I would embarrass myself. To get me prepared for Salasa dancing I headed to Oxxo and the bank to get some snacks and money. Me and Meaghan went and got some

After dinner was finally the time to learn salsa dancing. The two instructors were nice and had full costume and makeup on. They demonstrated how to do it first and then after they showed us the steps. The steps weren’t that difficult on by themselves but would become difficult once you got put with a partner. There were 2 side steps then a front then back step. At first it was different but I caught on quickly. Then we did the steps and spun after each step sequence.

After that it was finally time to get a partner. I partnered up with Sara. At first we had no idea what we were doing and our salsa dancing looked horrendous but after a bit of practice we caught on and I think we were actually doing well. We swapped of who was the leader but our dancing was better when I was leading. We did that for a bit which was fun and a bunch of different Spanish music was playing. It was interesting hear because in most of the restaurants here English music is played opposed to Spanish music.

After learning how to salsa dance it was time to go out and hit the town. We decide we wanted to go to Torros to get some food. We all split some chips, guacamole and salsa. We talked about the trip so far and how we were excited for the rest of it. We made plans for the city to hang out and to drive around. We enjoyed some virgin Pina Colladas and Strawberry Dackeries. After that we walked around the town and saw it lit up at night. There were so many people out at night and it was cool to see how different it is from Toronto at night. After an eventful night it was time to head back to the hotel. We got into a cab and headed back to Casa Del Mar. The cab was playing some Spanish music that we had fun grooving too.

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