National Museum of Fine Arts Visit

In my visit to the National Museum of Fine Arts, I found these 10 pieces the most interesting, most of the painted mediums are in oil and their sculptures are made of clay or carved on a piece of wood. The design and motifs of these artworks, depict the relationship between the church and state. From Churches, paintings and sculptures it is without a doubt Religion and liberation were two favourite muses of artists at this time. While the art in this period may showcase Christianity, Kindess, Gracefullness and Faith, artists such as Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo have chosen to remind us of the irony in the Spanish era in their mediums of art. How Friars preach the gospel while their Spanish people manipulate and torture the Filipinos in the name of the Lord, the Philippine nation was tied to the ball and chain of Spanish hypocrisy. These artists both shared a common graphic, yet poetic imagery of Spanish oppression. The impact of art: a brush, a canvas and an idea, it is truly incredible to be aware of the power that an artist can have in his hands. He has the power to move an individual without words, and an entire nation to revolt.
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