We have to turn towards the future.

It is super hard. Especially when we are worried and not sure what tomorrow will bring. When we have lost jobs. When we are worried about how much we could lose oncour home. Or how long we can put off paying the bills.

It makes it easy to get angry and look for someone to blame.

But even if there is someone to blame- the blame doesn’t fix anything.

Declaring – “It’s all your fault!” – doesn’t make the problem go away. Doesn’t make it less scary. Or hurt less. It’s just a place to park your anger. A place for it to stew and fester.

And distract you. That anger distracts you from doing what needs to be done. It distracts you from taking a fresh frame on things. It distracts you from getting up off the floor and dusting yourself off.

Don’t be distracted. What is gone is gone. What is done is done. What is next?

Whatever you want. The possibilities are endless. Don’t buy into the bullshit.

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