Why is it so hard to write? 6 tips for making it easier

I have built my entire career around writing, I love writing, I preach to all my clients that they must write on their chosen topic or industry in order to be taken seriously as a leader. So why do I struggle so much to sit down and put my thoughts on paper?

There is the sense of vulnerability in writing, you are exposing yourself and your thoughts to outside scrutiny. For me, it is easy to sit down and write an article for a client. I get great pleasure is creating a great story for a client and their business. But this, writing my own thoughts, that is a struggle.

Here are some of the ways that I have found useful in helping me to move past writer’s block.

1. Write crap: My mother is a writer and my first mentor. One of the best pieces of advice that she ever gave me was to “write crap, just get it on the page.” Remember when you start that it is a first draft, just get the words on the page and edit it later.

2. Get the teacher out of your head: Many people have had an English teacher who criticised their work and told them that they were useless at English. Banish the teacher. Spelling and grammar are irrelevant, put your ideas on paper and use a spell check afterwards.

3. Set a time: Have a set time every week that is blocked out to write. Non-negotiable, time in the calendar that is just for writing.

4. 300 words: Set out with the goal of writing 300 words, which is less than a page, it is not daunting and easily achievable in half an hour.

5. Set a time limit: I use the Pomodoro method, 25 minutes of work with a 5 minute break. Do not stop writing for 25 minutes. You will be surprised how fast goes.

6. Write what you know: You are an expert in your field, start with what comes easily to you. If you write about the topics that you know intimately, the words will flow easily.

As Einstein said — ‘To invent something, all you need is imagination and a big pile of junk.’