A Restaurant Review.

Aptly named in French, ‘Dans Le Noir’, the Michelin star restaurant, takes customers further away from the light than initially anticipated.

Much more than a dinner date, the sensory experience limits certain senses whilst heightening others. Lead by a blind guide into complete darkness, diners are given the chance to invert their point of view. Socially accepted norms go out of the window when you’re holding out your hand and waving it in front of your face to no avail. Suddenly it is acceptable to: sloppily feed your friends, knock drinks over almost unapologetically and ask the most intimate, usually unacceptable questions to the complete strangers that surround you. Manners too, are put aside, with diners encouraged to call waiters names when service is required.

The arrival of food only intensifies the experience, with guests left feeling bewildered. Every aspect of the dish in front of you is a complete surprise including amongst other things; texture and presentation. Something as simple as pumpkin can be mistaken for something entirely different when imagination takes over visions place at the table.

An array of emotions, ranging from fear to intrigue, it is an experience like no other and can be described only as almost carnivalesque, an equal measure of both humour and chaos. Pricey at £54pp but would recommend to all.

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