Joy and barf.

At 14.5 weeks I look like I did half way through college, which is to say I am fatter. This is ok, as it means I am one step closer to being visibly pregnant. And you know what you get when you’re visibly pregnant?


As someone who is mostly fine with being approached by well-intending strangers, the thought of being the apple of everyone’s eye for a few months is a bowl of ice cream. Because NEWS FLASH, being pregnant can also be a bowl of worry, self-doubt and barf. And in between extreme joy and barf you might notice how quickly your identity is shifting, and whether or not you still fit in where you used to fit in. Not to mention how much paid maternity leave suddenly means to you. Or how you’re going to deal when your once sick abs look like an old person’s face. But who cares when everyone starts losing their cool over the good thing brewing inside you?

There’s probably a much smarter ending to this but I don’t take myself (or this blog) that seriously. Going to find ice cream byyyyyye.