Am I misandristic?

Am I even spelling that correctly?

I’ve been mulling something over. A comment that implied I’m a misandrist, albeit unwittingly.

One of the real positives of my recent frolics with Padfoot is an ability to think more rationally about my own actions. Maybe it’s the medication that makes me more balanced in my reflections or could it simply be that I’m more in tune with my own feelings? Either way, I feel comfortable in my belief that once I think about and consider a position, the decision I come to generally represents my true feelings.

My first reflection was that I do have a reason to be prejudiced against men. My relationship with my biological Dad wasn’t great. He left when I was tiny and barely made contact from that point onwards. However I made peace with him in the run up to his death. His family not so much but him, yes.

Secondly, I do have another reason to be prejudiced against men. My marriage has failed and I could go all anti men in response. But honestly I can’t. I still love my (estranged) husband. He’s a good man and it’s sad that we’re no longer together but I don’t hate him. I don’t even dislike him. Truth be told I miss him but as someone pointed out (and God I hate you for it) we really are going through a conscious uncoupling. Damn you Gwyneth and Chris — you have a lot to answer for. It’s hugely sad and sometimes funny but hand on heart I don’t have any unresolved feelings. The situation that led us to this point is far from ideal but life is multiple shades of grey. As much as I’d love it to be black and white it isn’t. The majority of us make decisions based on the way we feel and the situation we’re in at that given point in time; few of us purposely go out of our way to hurt others.

The truth is I like men. As much as I like women. Not in that way. Well a little in that way — I’m very open about my Gillian Anderson crush. I really don’t think I differentiate between the two. I have male friends and female friends and I enjoy the company of both sexes. Each one of those relationships is hugely important to who I am, how I feel and my beliefs.

I may have given the impression that I’m anti-men through a flippant comment but after giving this considerable thought I can honestly say I’m not. Unless you’re Trump, or Putin, or Nutall and then yes, my feelings towards you are most definitely of the misandrist variety. But average Joe in the street? No.

We’re all flawed. That’s what makes us human, makes life interesting, sometimes challenging, but better that than dull.