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20something writer teaching public school in Oakland, CA. Socialist sense w/ Midwestern sensibility. ( @emmajanelaplante on insta, @radicalmshoney on twitter )



You are now in 19th grade, and you’ve been re-taking seriously the possibility that romance might truly be imperative, or perhaps AN imperative (n.) — a command.

Self Portrait # 23, drawn by the author on January 23, 2021

Self portrait drawn April 18, 2021. Deleted line: “Bisexual as / that one Frank Ocean lyric, / and if you know which I’m referring to, bisexual as / you.”

Bi- / sexual like

A vision of a postcarbon heartland, complete with Public Transit for All.

Illustration by New Mexico designer/environmentalist Nicole Fox; see more of her art on Instagram at @nicolefoxdesign .


The year is 2030, and the high-speed train from Indianapolis to Atlanta leaves every weekday morning at precisely a quarter to nine.

Self Portrait # 25, drawn by the author on January 25, 2021

Self Portrait # 4, drawn by the author on January 4, 2021

(A Breakup Poem)

Emma Jane LaPlante

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