My Boot camp experience at Andela

Today is day three of the on-site boot camp. It gets tougher by the day. I had purposed to at least complete challenge but to no avail. However, I was able to add items to my shopping list and delete the shopping list. I encountered a number of blockers that include: deleting an item from the shopping list and displaying the shopping list and its items. I am hopeful that this will be fulfilled in the course of the night.

It has not been all about the challenges today but we got to meet the PNC (I presume this is the abbreviation) department at Andela. PNC is an abbreviation for People and Culture, the Human Resource department version of Andela. They generally look out for the welfare of the fellows and other staff at Andela. It was good to know about the barbecue event, God knows meat has always been after my heart.

I also got to have a one on one with my LFA and got really good insights on what I needed to improve and how to go about it. Really different from my experience in my previous boot camp. Looks like it will be a very long night for me though I believe that nothing comes easy and if the deal is too good, think twice.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s defenses. Hopeful that i’ll have implemented most of the requirements.

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