A Shirt a Day

For the past two days, I have been attending classes at Pratt Institute. Thus far, it has triggered a spurt of creativity and an urge to produce. During this four week course, I will be taking regular courses, which include painting and drawing, an introduction to foundation, portfolio development, and art history. Taking this course will allow me to seek out my drawing and painting passion and push me a step closer to knowing what I wish to pursue. I have only begun two courses so far. They include my elective, painting and drawing, and an introduction to foundation. During both, we exercised timed gesture drawings of live models, which I have never had the chance to do before yesterday. Working amongst other amateur yet passionate artists my age is both inspiring and intimidating. Never have I been surrounded by such talent. Therefore, I anticipate a vast improvement on my part.

Earlier, this afternoon, I worked on a still life piece for about six hours. The extensive time to work in an art studio pushed me technically forward and tested my focus and discipline. It was hour four when I allowed myself a stroll around the room. Naturally, I compared my skill level to theirs and became discouraged when I observed others’ pieces. This was not the first time I have tasted the pressure and competition of the art world. Class was dismissed, and so all the students gathered in the elevator. One person exclaimed, “Well! I suck at painting!” We all awkwardly giggled and had not trouble empathizing with this young man. Whether is was the mutual understanding in a community tied by the same passions or that it was confirmed that “an artist is his own harshest critique,” I was relieved.

My art professor identified me as a sculptor. He is right. Before I fell in love with two dimensional art, I spent my summers creating pottery and my weekends producing clothing. For as long as I can remember, I have always been putting things together, sculpting. Perhaps it is engrained in me and causes me to perceive masses the way I do. Fine arts are not simply a form of expression, but they are also a way to self educate and develop how you see things.

Within these past days, I have produced and worn the shirts shown in the photographs below. Because I seem to be in a clothing and fashion phase, I have challenged myself to create a shirt a day for the rest of this week. For every week I am at Pratt, I will give myself a new challenge.

PLEASE contact me if you would like to purchase a version of these shirts or if you have any ideas for creative challenges.

Curved Back Tank
Halter Top made with Katrine Nylund Fabric.
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