Blog Goals

I am no longer “the quiet one”.

Through this blog, I aim to document my passions. For now, I plan to format this as a summer blog; regularly posting songs, outfits, my art, and if I am bold enough, poetry. My summer plans include an internship at Kari Traa, a women’s athletic clothing brand in Oslo, Norway, a week internship at Chanel Headquarters in New York City, and a vigorous drawing and painting class at PRATT in Brooklyn, New York. You can expect to see an occasional post of a concert, recommendations of restaurants and cafés, travel stats, and the song I am obsessing over at the time. Some of them will definitely be created by my oh-so-lovely family of friends, and perhaps YOU. By documenting my artistic, literary, and personal growth, I hope to inspire and to entertain. In just three years, I have lived in Los Angeles, California, Princeton, New Jersey, and Brooklyn, New York. As an adolescent, cisgender female, I stand before many open doors, but am constantly skipping between paths and facing societal obstacles. Before I even begin to choose which door I will aim towards, there will be an overwhelming amount of questions and self discovery beforehand. I could not think of a better time to get this started. Come with me on my journey. It’s about to get personal.

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