Business Women Style Ideas

You might’ve heard the slightly changed version of the old saying — you are what you wear. Well, researchers found out that this might not be just a convenient wordplay. What you wear defines how you feel — it can boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. This is exactly what you need during the workday to help you meet all the challenges. Dressing for work doesn’t have to be boring — on the contrary — you are free to use your fashion sense and play with your style without breaking the dress code. Here are some style ideas to get you started.

Formal, but not boring

If your job requires a strict dress code, you might feel like you don’t have too many options. In most cases, you’re obliged to wear costumes or blazer sets. But even a simple black blazer and skirt or pants can look fashionable. The trick is in the details — you can add a piece of statement jewelry, an interesting watch, or bold nail polish colour for a refreshing twist on your formal look. Also, formal wear doesn’t mean you should wear badly cut suits or unflattering colours. A well-tailored blazer will make you feel feminine and professional at the same time. Besides, even men’s ties or bow ties can complement nicely women’s formal look.

Casual, but not unprofessional

In case you were wondering if you can wear skinny jeans to work — the answer is yes! Black, white or even denim jeans will give you the casual look, but be careful. You still want to look professional, so wear a more formal, feminine top — simple white shirt or silky blouse. The good thing about casual business style is that it matches with both heels and flats. A simple elegant midi dress is also a great choice. And don’t worry if you don’t look like a model — there a plenty of adorable plus size dresses out there. Add a scarf or a sash, heels or oxford shoes, and you’re ready to go.

Edgy, but not inappropriate

Having an edgy style means you’re at the forefront of a trend, that you’re a bit avant-garde. That’s why this style is for those who have a less strict office dress code or work in the creative industry, for example. How it’s done? You start with the clothes you’ll normally wear to work — pencil skirt, palazzo pants, shirt, blazer, pumps, etc. Now, the trick is in thinking outside the box. Why go with black pencil skirts when you can choose one with an exotic print? The blazer doesn’t have to be monochrome either — you can wear a plaid or striped jacket instead. You can play with makeup or nail art as well. Nothing is forbidden as long as it doesn’t cross the line of good taste.

Depending on the field you work in, various styles can be easily transformed into business styles. Even the strictest dress codes can’t kill your fashion vibe. If you want to look trendy at work and feel good about yourself, there are numerous way to do it. The trick is in mixing, matching and incorporating trendy pieces of attire with your personal style. Remember, fashion is a playground and it doesn’t mean you have to stop playing just because you grew up and got yourself a job.