Where is our humanity? A call to my fellow white South Africans.
Lisa Golden

I had a similar experience. I was leaving Shongweni market early morning. As I was driving out, I drove past a Zim vendor selling brooms and peg holders. I felt sorry for him, thinking that he was out there trying to make an honest living to support his family, so I decided to stop and reverse back to support him.

Some cars came out, so I reversed half onto the grass curb. I must admit I was a bit on the road, but there was ample space to get past my little corsa, and I was waiting for him to get to the car — he was running up the road.

A 4x4 came past and hooted rudely and loudly, annoyed I had pulled over — even though there was tons of space, plus another lane. I couldn’t believe someone would unnecessary hoot at someone so rudely.

I ended up seeing the same car at the following robot and decided to not let them effect me, but also wanted to tell them that I felt to support a man who was working hard to support his family.

As I even attempted to tell them why I had stopped, they started shouting back and sped off. Them in their big fancy 4x4 with no cares in the world, and an attitude for everyone to get out their way. I got home and had a cry telling my husband.

I wonder if they are happy with who they are. One thing I know is that we should never give in to bullies!! And I personally have vowed to always say something.

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