A Typical Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager

Job titles can be scary. And overwhelming. It seems like people think that the longer your title is, the more important you are by default. The title I go by is “Social Media Manager” or “Social Media Content Creator”. What the heck does that mean?

Well, I’m about to give you some insight into my daily work routine for you to experience it for yourself. Take this post for what it is…if you are wondering about whether working in social media is right for you, this may help you decide. (Psst! For a more visual look into my life, check out my Instagram)


-Coffee. Lots of coffee.

-Check my email for messages from clients. Respond to emails and finish my 3rd cup of coffee before making myself vertical.

-Log onto all major social media platforms. I like to check my own personal accounts first to see if there is anything Earth-shattering happening. Then I…

-Log onto client accounts and check engagements, retweets, comments, etc. that happened while I was sleeping.

-Publish content to platforms for clients. I usually schedule all content for the week ahead on Sunday nights, so every morning is simplified and I just have to make sure the right content is going out.


-Check on the content on platforms that was published the day before. Usually, there are comments to be responded to, and questions to answer.

-Publish any new live content, like a blog post.

-Engage with followers and clients. This could take many different forms…a Twitter chat, Periscope, etc.

-Respond to any new emails from clients regarding the plan for the day.


-Run analytics. This is important for me to see which content is performing well for my clients, and allows me to re-adjust the marketing plan if necessary.

-Review what posts are going to be published for the next day and add any last minute touches.

-Check email once again and wrap-up things from the day.

-And that’s it!

Well, if we are being honest…I am usually working until the wee hours of the morning. I find that I’m my most productive around 2 a.m. *yawns*

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