Pressure squashes things

The same boiling water that can crack an egg can also harden it. Only will this be realized once the egg has exited this environment, until then, the little egg is still suffering in boiling hot water being pushed to its limits by the pressure of its surroundings. Sound familiar to a nazi-style-manager you may have once had, piling up the tasks you are now responsible for all the while the clock is ticking and you are being pushed to your limits to keep up with deadlines. The stress is pushing you to your limits and you can feel like the little egg being boiled until you can’t take it anymore, but luckily for you, your shell is also hardening. You are being strengthened day by day to be able to handle any situation life throws at you.

This goes for relationships, physical exercise, study, parenting and many other applications in life. Pain, suffering, stress and pressure are essential for growth and breakthroughs in life, but how much is helpful and how much is hurtful?

The principle purpose of life is simply to enjoy it while we are here. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with people who simply make you smile… Don’t get to the end of your life and realise you forgot to enjoy it while you are here, stop to smell the daisies, share meals with family and friends, immerse yourself in what nature has to offer. Float through the oceans waves, get sand in between your toes, be embraced into the shelter of a rainforest, get face to face with our friends from the animal kingdom, let the sun rays shine down on your beautiful face, sleep under the stars and connect with our fellow brothers and sisters all around the world.