From now on, it wil only get better

We will introduce you to a company that will immediately make you say: “Why didn’t I think of this?” Obviously, we are talking about Aigency. Aigency was founded by Jim Stolze, Eiso Vaandrager and Michel Berger and considers itself as “the cupid of the AI-world”. The company works together with experienced data-scientists and talented students with a background in AI. And… They work together with BIT.

“When we started the Aigency concept, we considered one thing as of incredible importance: Aigency will mainly give young companies a vast kickstart. For that reason, it seemed logical to hire a young team to build our platform. We then realized that BIT was literally around the corner from our office at the Startup Village. Our first coffee-meeting followed shortly.”- Jim Stolze, one of Aigency’s founders

What does Aigency do?

Aigency is an AI-matchmaker between companies who have big data and want to use this, and ingenious AI-geniuses who have the perfect algorithms to make the most of this big data. They offer curious multinationals with big datasets the possibility to step into the world of AI ánd offer young, hypertalented AI-startups the possibility to develop themselves further in their field of work.

“Aigency more or less works as the ‘contractor’. We define the project and search the best suited start-ups to work with.”- Jim

And what does BIT do in all this?

Right from the start, the team had a clear goal: developing a platform where Aigency can easily share their clients’ big datasets with startups, (PHD) students or companies with an expertise in AI. The backend team worked with the PHP framework Laravel. Frontend mainly had to be simple and quick, therefore Laravel’s blade templating engine was used, in combination with Bootstrap.

In the beginning Emile worked as a backender, Luc and Mac as frontenders and Tom was the manager, as well as designer and frontender. After a few weeks we added Rick to our team, and Luc switched to a new project. During the second jumpstart, Emile started an internship at Bunq, so Bart took over his tasks.

“What is the minimal product this function needs?” -Tom

This question was at the basis of the teams way of work, as the product had to be completed in a shorter timespan than usual. First the team developed the different users of the platform and added the option to share datasets and results through challenges. In the second jumpstart, these core functionalities were perfectionized.

A big challenge regarding this project, was making the data anonymous. This is something that does not happen at random, but by logically analyzing the information, so the structure of the data is maintained. For example, if the name ‘Rick’ occurs 5 times, ‘Rick’ will be changed into ‘Morty’ every single time. By working like this, the core values of the data are still traceable, as well as the meaningful connections within the data.

This project was a big challenge regarding the filtering of information. Our team has learned to put the focus on exactly that what a prototype needs to be released as quick as possible. Thanks to the proactive and open attitude of Aigency, this product will be released in no time.

AI is everywhere

“The best technology is invisable. And this is the way it works with AI, you don’t see it, but it already is a big part of our day to day life. From now on, it will only get better.”— Jim

In the upcoming future we will learn a lot about Aigency. We believe that it is very important to be aware of the growing influence of AI, which is ever so clear in the professional world, as well as present in our day to day life. Artificial intelligence together with natural intelligence will create beautiful things in the upcoming future. No doubt about it.

“Maybe the only significant difference between a really smart simulation and a human being, is the noise they make when you punch them.”

― Terry Pratchett, The Long Earth

Aigency’s office is located at the StartUp Village, Science Park. Around the corner from our own office! Aigency organizes a monthly meet-up called Fraiday (on Fridays ;) ) This is the event to get to know all you want to know about AI, so really worth visiting. You can find more information on this inspiring company on their website: