A way to better understand how your consumers think

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An effective and evolving company is always striving to understand their consumers more. Advanced analytics, focus groups, and surveys keep strategy, content, and marketing teams up-to-date on the comings, goings, demographics, psychographics, and pretty much everything else about their audience. This is best practice for any sustainable business.

But, there’s more to be done to ensure that you are framing your product or service in a way that speaks to the right people.

Companies who invest in further psychological, sociological, and anthropological research and understanding of people have a distinct advantage over those who don’t. …

Does this make me more of an adult?

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The first thing you need to know about me is that I have a deep fear of disappointment.

When I was younger, my parents spent grueling hours trying to make my brother understand the weight of his actions, but no consequence could falter him. Me? I would burst into tears at the sight of that look in their eye.

Today, I felt the beginning of those same tears when I realized I had made a mistake at work. On external client work. That could not be reversed.

I am in my first…

But we don’t make progress by shrinking when people stare at us in public

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“So, Emma is… a lot,” my mom said to me. The night before we had all gone out to dinner at a local diner — my mom and stepdad, brother and his girlfriend, and me and mine.

I asked her what she had meant.

“Well, when we were at dinner and that woman was staring at you guys, she looked back at her for a while and she was very touchy. There was a lot OF PDA; it’s too much.”

Reader, there was not a lot of PDA. There was 9 of us sitting in a slightly bigger booth space…

An inside look at the child, niece, and granddaughter of women who live with bipolar disorder

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Hi, my name is Emmalynne, I’m 22-years-old, and one day I might be diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder that is characterized by severe changes in mood —those diagnosed normally experience really high highs and really low lows.

Each of these mood shifts is labeled a manic episode or a depressive episode. Manic episodes usually involve spikes in energy and activity levels, spontaneous behavior, and irritability. Depressive episodes, on the other hand, are characterized by a lack of motivation and energy, deep depressions, and forgetfulness. …

The difference between psychological and emotional energy and how to have more of each.

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We live a society obsessed with the cost of things (and, likewise, the value of them). With capitalism a dominant force of the social order, we are constantly talking about money: how to spend it, how to save it, how to make more of it, and even how much our time is worth.

The idea that time is something that is a “cost” to us isn’t new. The phrase “time is money” has been around since the 1700s. It’s the origin of the idea that cost doesn’t have to be a monetary measurement.

Truly, the cost of something is whatever…

and what skill we need to replace it with

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The Backstory

The story of my increased productivity and reduction of guilt has an interesting origin story that involves a celebrity and a quote I found online.

Let’s start with the celebrity. Late in my Junior year of college, I was interning with an office in my colleges student success division. As an office focused on leadership, one of their key events for the year was bringing in a sponsored speaker to speak about their life journey and growth in leadership. My boss graciously asked me to work on the marketing for the event.

The speaker? Piper Kerman. Yes, the woman who…

The hole that exists in leadership across industries

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We are becoming obsessed with personality.

From astrology to Myers-Briggs to the Enneagram, I meet more and more people who are able to describe their sign/type and associated personality types (for those wonderings, I am an Aquarius, INFJ, and a type 2w1).

But even though we are talking more readily about the defining and important differences in people, we are making little progress to adapt to fit the needs and advantages of those personalities.

Defining Introversion and Extraversion

Introversion and extraversion have little to do with how sociable or shy a person is and everything to do with external stimulation.

Susan Cain, author of…

The books that guided me into getting a job before graduation

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I’m a reader. I always have been; I would stay up late, under the covers, reading later than my parents would allow me up. I would read during church services, in the car, and as my after-school activity. I would finish books in a day or two.

While growing older has slowed the habit (because, you know, responsibilities), I still value reading as a way to dedicate time to myself. During college, I spent much of my time prepping for time after graduation. …

A survival guide from someone who still has it

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Hi, my name is Emmalynne and I feel like an imposter.

Most mornings I wake up, walk to work, and wait to get found out. This has been my routine for 4 months, since I graduated college.

I was an accomplished academic, but I was also one of the kids who grew up being told they were gifted only to start college and realize they weren’t. That was a realization that caused a lot of growth in my life, but imposter syndrome runs deeper than that.

Imposter syndrome has echoed my anxiety and made me feel compelled to triple check…

Tales of a college commuter student

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I have been out of my mother’s house for around four months, living completely on my own. Full disclosure: I am 22 years old, commuted through college, and have lived with my mother and stepfather solely since I was around 15 years old.

Recently, my entire perspective regarding parents has shifted.

The journey to this big, shining realization for me probably started when I came out to my mom as bisexual a year before I graduated college. She acted a lot like she was okay, but she didn’t have the same investment in my new, queer relationship as she had…

Emmalynne Rosser

Content and Marketing Strategist. Experienced Writer. Personal Growth Enthusiast. Obsessed with the circular relationship between data and decisions.

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