A look at why we need creativity and how to foster it in your life.

The product of my boyfriend’s hobbies: photography and hiking.

The beauty of creativity is that we can all experience it in some aspect of our lives. Through activities such as drawing, writing, dance, cooking… we get in touch with something deep within ourselves.

Occasionally, that something it feels like competition; a yearning to create something better than someone else. To produce a more delicious loaf of bread or a more realistic rendition of a painted forest. Other times it feels pulled from us, a manifestation of sheer inspiration. …

Handstand in the woods.

So, you’ve finished your first yoga teacher training. You’ve learned the cues and poses, how to theme and the basics of yogic philosophy. Now you’re probably wondering, should I start teaching? Are 200 hours enough to lead my fellow yogis on their physical, emotional, and spiritual journeys?

Perhaps you are a seasoned yogi, and the idea of teaching doesn’t scare you in the least. You know all the pose transitions and have a dedicated home practice. Speaking in front of twenty people doesn’t faze you. …

I remember when I became aware of the concept of debt. My parents and I went to a debt counseling session when I was a junior in high school.

We discussed my loan options for college. My sisters and I never wanted for much growing up, but we were far below the level of those who could afford to pay for college out of pocket. Having debt wasn’t an option.

How could I have grasped at sixteen the size of the debt that I was committing to? I remember being pleased that my part-time hostessing job paid $10/hr. …

This past weekend I attended a restorative yoga class. To some of you, this conjures up cozy images of yogis swaddled in blankets, supported by all the props. To others, it may seem that I paid to take some pretty luxurious naps. Both are true.

While it may seem indulgent to spend an entire yoga class relaxing, it is a surprisingly difficult thing to do.

The reality is that most people have forgotten how to relax (if we ever knew how to begin with). Our bodies are a miraculous blend of systems, each with a specific purpose. Eight activating systems…

Emma Matthies

Bibliophile and aspiring wellness writer. I teach and practice vinyasa yoga in Vermont. I love stories and I hope one day to become one.

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