#savebearsears: The Lost Narrative of a National Monument
Georgie Abel

Thanks so much for this, Georgie. I too have struggled with how I want to express the complexity of this matter — the clash of my gratitude (for the volume that climbers have helped turn up) and confusion (why/how the incredibly important founding voices seem to have been lost in that process???). It’s hard for me to wrap my head around, and this, coupled with Fitz’s “Bears Ears” Dirtbag Diaries episode, helped lay out the whole situation.

I think this is my biggest question now: how to ensure we continue to look beyond the “I” in political situations? We need to care to some degree in order to be engaged activists, so how do we balance the inherent selfishness of caring with the importance of building upon the work of others before us? Not a new question… but one I keep brining back to myself as of late.

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