How putting your phone on silent and taking a non-engaged route can give you alot of peace.

Have you ever disengaged from your phone and just gone through a while day without the bing bing of a notification intersecting every three seconds???
Well if you have congratulations you just achieved what many may never achieve in their lifetime. It sounds absurd and at most ridiculous but it’s the reality most find themselves in for living in the jet age. The age of smartphones smarter than human beings and social media feeding us with all the social life will may ever get.
We all love the internet, I love it and you do too and most people have more contacts with websites on the internet than they have with acutual human beings. Before you know it getting a notification every two seconds becomes a lifestyle. Our subconscious is psyched to expect a bing at least twice on every five minutes. It is really exhausting and it drains us in ways we can’t imagine. When you don’t get a notification you are checking your phone wondering what went wrong and expecting one to come in.

It’s time for you to find out something, putting your phone on silent can actually bring alot of serenity back to your life. Your mind will become used to being disconnected from continuous notifications bings and alot of peace can be restored by that. Let your phone be on silent sometimes, let your mind trail to something else perhaps something more productive than waitng for an incoming notification every five minutes. The internet is beautiful and has made living better, providing us with alot of information and other things that makes living worthwhile. But you and I need a break often. Just like we need breaks from work we need breaks from the internet and the continuous buzz it drops in our life. Sometimes taking a non-engaged route is good for you. I used to ask myself when I was struggling to detach myself from the continuous culture of being always engaged with the internet questions that would give me satisfying answers I needed to get to prevent me from disengaging. I would ask, what if someone needs me and I am not online and I will only say this because I was trying to give myself justification to keep being engaged. The truth is if it is really urgent then people will call you and state their case. I discovered this first-hand for myself. The truth is there are simply things more important than being continuously connected to your phone and the internet.

You don’t need to keep yourself locked down continuously in the culture of always being engaged to the internet. You don’t know this but somtomes it is strips away your peace. Taking a non-engaged route and putting your phone on silent for awhile can make all the difference you have been overlooking.