Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions (Ant-Man Update)

For the uninitiated, CoC is an arcade fighting game built by Kabam where you collect Marvel champions, level them up and battle in the arena. It sounds so simple [and maybe boring] describing it this way, but it’s awesome.

It’s very strongly tied to the Cinematic Universe and it was only a matter of time before they released the Ant-Man update.

The update adds a special Ant-Man quest, and a lot of UI changes as well as additions to the alliance screen.


The special Ant-Man events offer a Premium Hero crystal and the battles are very easy — noob-level easy

A bit of advice for newcomers below

Try not to spend your hard-earned cash buying crystals; by joining an alliance and participating in events, you'll have ample opportunity to win crystals and get cool champions.

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