EpiK Mainnet October 5, 2021 by Daniel Asuquo. The long-awaited Epik mainnet is finally here.
December 14, 2021 by Daniel Asuquo

EpiK Mainnet
October 5, 2021 by Daniel Asuquo
The long-awaited Epik mainnet is finally here. The Epik protocol has been running on its testnet for several months. So the mainnet launch is good news. Epik’s testnet reveals the hands of the agreement. Its distributed storage products were tested during the test network. After a long period of testing and ensuring that everything is in order, Epik launched its main network. Epik is proud to be an innovative data distributed storage platform for artificial intelligence manufacturers. By launching its mainnet, Epik is closer to achieving its goals. If you are not sure what will happen to Epik’s mainnet, I will discuss it in the following paragraphs.
What to expect on Epik Mainnet
Epik’s main network revolves around the Epik Portal. To access Epik Portal, you need to download the application from the corresponding Google PlayStore or Apple Store depending on your device. Or better yet, you can download the application by visiting the following website: https:\\epikprotocol.io\wallet. From this website, you will have the opportunity to choose the type of wallet you want, whether it is an Android or iOS device. Then clearly state that the various functions of the wallet are appropriate. This will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
Epik Mainnet features
Epik Portal has multiple features, including but not limited to:
Upon downloading Epik Portal, you will find that the application has your wallet encrypted. Here, you can store EPK, the native token of the Epik protocol. Because the EPK protocol has an equivalent ERC20 token, that is, ERC20EPK. For transactions on the Ethereum chain, ETH is the gas of the transaction. It’s no wonder that the wallet supports ETH and USDT. The wallet does not have a dapp browser, but you can easily access Uniswap by clicking the decentralized exchange icon. Epik Wallet has its customized exchange Epik Swap. It is specifically designed to handle the exchange of EPIK with its ERC20 variant. As Epik is integrated into the EPIK chain, the exchange of ERC20 tokens must go through a cross-chain bridge. Therefore, Epik Swap is currently limited to exchanging EPIK to ERC20EPK or vice versa. Swap can process up to US $ 100,000 of EPIK in a single transaction. But the cost will be different, so be careful. You can import your existing wallet into the EPIK wallet, but because the wallet lacks support for other tokens, it is not recommended. However, in the future, the Epik team plans to integrate more tokens into the wallet. We can definitely hope that the wallet works as we think.
Knowledge node
Another cool feature of Epik Portal is knowledge nodes. You can connect your mining equipment with Epik wallet through the knowledge node. The knowledge node requires you to submit your miner ID. This helps to link your EPIK mining activity with your Epik wallet. Of course, this helps to distribute rewards automatically.
This is another feature of Epik Portal. If you have always wanted to be an expert in the field of Epik data storage devices, then your opportunity is here. The expert role allows you to apply to become an expert in the domain. These conditions are a bit stringent to avoid putting the system at risk. You must submit your data through the application tab. A fee of 100 EPIK tokens is required to process your request. Through the expert bar, you can extract the profit used to manage artificial intelligence data. The expert column also contains information on voting, pledge APR, and other information. There are also statistics on blocked, qualified and designated field experts. Remember, applying for the domain expert position does not mean you will get it. The community decides by voting.
Another feature is Epik’s activities. The Epik community strives to incentivize the process of joining their mainnet. The Epik portal provides tips. Through the activity bar of the application, you can participate in the featured activities and get rewards. After completing the tasks on the Accounts Receivable tab, your score will increase. You can easily convert accumulated points into EPK tokens using the exchange option. Mastering the Activity feature is as easy as using the introduction tab. Epik Continental Knowledge is an excellent feature of Epik protocol.
For more information about Epik Protocol : https://epikprotocol.medium.com/




When Love exist Peace reign. Do good to all, this is the Key

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When Love exist Peace reign. Do good to all, this is the Key

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